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After a 14 year stint as a journalist in newspaper, radio and television news mediums, Denzyl Janneker took up a prestigious fellowship to study for a master’s degree in a country of his choosing. After graduating from a university in the United States, he decided to form his own company and so Oxpeckr was born.

Television is the most exciting medium to work in and so it seemed natural for the business to gravitate towards video production. Working both sides of a television camera gives us the expertise to project your business or non-profit the way no other production company can. Expertise that covers some of the following:

“Our storytelling experience – to millions of TV viewers nightly – gives us the edge in helping you get your message across.”

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oxpecker picking tics off impala
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We're inspired by nature, by it's beauty and simplicity. In fact, we take our inspiration from one of it's smallest animals, an odd little bird

The Oxpecker is a fascinating creature. It sits, hops, probes and picks tics, maggots and fleas off animals providing much needed relief. And get this – it also alerts its hosts to approaching danger from predators. This symbiosis makes it an ideal metaphor for the business relationship we like to cultivate with clients – one of mutually beneficial partnerships.